Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region

About Denver

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From a nineteenth-century gold and silver boomtown, Denver, the capital of Colorado, has evolved into a major Western commercial and population center, the largest city in a 965-kilometer (600-mile) radius. Today Denver is known as much for the cultural sophistication, business savvy, and new skyline of its flourishing downtown as for the majestic mountain backdrop that borders the city and provides a picturesque view and abundant recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Located 1.6 kilometers (one mile) above sea level, Denver is situated on the high rolling plains of north-central Colorado, at the junction of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek and near the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide. Although generally regarded as a Western city, it is only 557 kilometers (346 miles) west of the exact center of the continental United States and is more centrally located than any other major U.S. city except Kansas City, Missouri. Read more at . . .

The Colorado State Flag

The colors used in the Colorado State Flag represent environmental features of the state. The gold represents the abundant sunshine enjoyed by the state. The blue symbolizes the clear blue skies of Colorado. White represents the snow-capped mountains of the state and red represents the color of much of the state’s soil.


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